Starting Somewhere

Man, where do I even begin with this thing?

I guess I’m on a quest, of sorts. I have a lot of spare time to sit and think. I work at the front desk of a hotel. That can mean a lot of sitting around and waiting. I get two 15 minutes breaks each day and I tend to spend them outside walking. You would too if you worked on a beautiful college campus. So when I’m sitting around and waiting, or when I’m walking, I get lost in my thoughts. I find myself going over the same thoughts to almost fine tune my ideas and opinions.

I need an outlet for all of that. Maybe if I get those thoughts out and in the open, I might be able to move on to larger, or at least different, ideas.

So… Quick introductions. Hi. My name is Bre. I was born during the final year of the 80’s. I am the mother of 3 cats. I have a bachelors degree that I have no plans of using. I am in love. I am an atheist. I feel most at ease when I am in a place where you can’t hear anything but nature. I am an artist. I find the universe mind blowing. I enjoy reading science fiction. I think Doctor Who has some of the best lessons for children, and adults. I love food. I come from a family with a lot of quirks. I have more social anxiety than I’d like. And I have, so far, lived my entire life in Indiana.

Please don’t judge me for that last one.


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