Whole30 Round 2

Tomorrow I am starting Whole30 for the second time. Haven’t heard of Whole30? Heres a link to the website that gives you a run down of the program. You don’t have to pay for anything unless you feel like buying the book. I’d like to buy the book but I didn’t when I started.

Its an intense diet. I know that if you look at the rules you’ll think I’m crazy for doing it a second time, let alone once. Its not a diet that I would make a lifestyle out of, but its good for resetting your gut, getting you mind focused on a healthier meal plan, removing you dependence on the number you see on the scale, and breaking the addiction to sugar. Yes, sugar is an actual, physical, addiction, and the withdrawal is not particularly fun.

When I did my first round of whole 30 over the summer I loved it. The first 10 days or so were hard, because of the sugar withdrawal, but once I got past that my body started to feel so much better. I lost 7lbs, my skin looked healthier, my body FELT better, and I wasn’t even bloated while on my period. Ladies, we all know thats kind of a big deal.

So tomorrow is Day 1. I’ll see how I’m feeling on Day 30 and decide if I’ll continue until my trip or not. It would probably be a good idea if I did. I just need to keep reminding myself of how good I felt the first time. I need this though. This is going to help me reach the goals I’ve set for myself. Time to put the scale away…


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  1. collenerenee says:

    I’m doing the Whole 30 this month, too! I can’t wait to heat your thoughts on it this time around.


    1. RambleMyWay says:

      Thats awesome! Is this your first round? What day are you on?


      1. collenerenee says:

        Sort of, I’ve “started,” a few times and always give up around the end of the second week. I have a buddy this time, though so there’s a little more motivation. Day 1! I decided to start it with the new month (and after I had some time to enjoy Halloween candy).


      2. RambleMyWay says:

        Oh I definitely get it. This is my second attempt at a round 2. Its not easy and I honestly didn’t start to feel good until about the 3rd weeks or so. The sense of accomplishment, and the lack of bloating, were well worth the crap from the first couple weeks. It always helps to have a buddy. They help keep you accountable and add in that little bit of guilt if you’re the one that quits and they don’t, haha. Let me know how you do! You’ll be so happy on the 31st day.

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