Day 1: Whole30 Round 2

So yesterday I decided that since I’ve done this before I’m going to make some modifications. I will not be going hard core this time around. Here are the modifications I’ve made.

  1. I am allowed 1 piece of chocolate on work days. (I keep a bag of dark chocolate Reese’s in the freezer at work)
  2. Plain greek yogurt is allowed. I use this in my super healthy tuna salad.
  3. Relish is allowed only in my tuna salad. (I had a batch already made before I decided to do this again and Im not wasting my food. I’m too broke for that.)

Today when I got home I moved my scale. I am the kind of person that looks at the number on the scale way too often. The no scale rule is a good one for me.

I had hoped to be in the gym today, but my body is screaming at me to rest. I’m not sure what I did to my hip, but walking hurts and it needs the rest. It also needed the hot bath I just took. The plan is to keep off of it as much as possible tomorrow as well. I usually spend my breaks at work walking. I love my walks. I rely on my walks for my sanity. They will be sorely missed tomorrow. Giving myself the time to heal means I can get back to my walks sooner.

I also spent some time on Pinterest today looking at different ideas for bodyweight exercises. I love bodyweight exercises and have seen great results with them in the past.

My goal is to drop about 10 lbs in the next 7 weeks. That would put me right around 140lbs. I know thats a bit quick to be losing 10 lbs, but I should drop the first couple pounds pretty quickly just by cutting out the junk that I’ve been eating lately. That along with 4-5 days in the gym per week should get me to my goal, and do it in a healthy way. I will NOT be starving myself. The beauty of Whole30 is that you can eat as much as you want, as long as it follows the rules. I have some pretty amazing recipes from the last time I did this. It will be wonderful to break some of those out again.

When I got home I managed to finish up some meal prep. I have the tuna salad that was already made. There are about 7 meals worth of that left. I also made my taco SALAD. Salad is in all caps because its more salad than taco. There are 7 containers of that as well. There are also 10 hardboiled eggs in the fridge for breakfast. I should be set for a while!


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