The Morality of an Atheist

Its possible that this post will upset you, but please read it in full.

Last night as I was scrolling through my Reader, I noticed a video of a debate between an Atheist and a Christian. Here is a link to the debate if you’d like to watch it. The topic of the debate was “Does God Exist.” The debate honestly wasn’t that great in my opinion. Dr David Wood (Christian) was the better speaker if you ask me, but his points in no way proved the existence of God.

Anyways, thats not what I’m getting at here.

Dr. Wood made a comment about the morality of an atheist. He says that we “absorbed the absolute moralities from Christians.” Basically saying that without Christianity how can an Atheist have morals? To me, this is like saying, “If you aren’t a Christian, or a religious person, how are you not out murdering people?”

This is absurd.

Does Christianity teach us morals? Yes. Is Christianity where morals came from to begin with? Not at all.

Consider this. Morals evolved through pain, through hurt. The earliest humans, back before they learned to communicate with words, could still communicate. If one accidentally hits another with a rock, that other is going to grunt in pain. If the one in pain then turns and hits the first with a rock intentionally, the first then realizes “Wow. That hurt.” Then in the future neither of them is going to intentionally hit someone they care about with a rock because they know the pain. Even if it was another person, that maybe they didn’t care about, they would still feel the guilt of hurting another being, because they know that pain.

We learn what is right and wrong based on not wanting to hurt others. Cheating on a spouse hurts them emotionally. Stabbing a person hurts them physically. Stealing from a person hurts them financially and psychologically.

I can’t even accept the wrong change from a cashier because I know that at the end of the day the amount of money in their register has to add up to a certain number. If a person mistakenly gives me the wrong change that can risk their job. That can put their families at risk. That could take away the roof over their heads. Those consequences for them are not work the extra $10 in my pocket.

Along with this idea of morality, I don’t like how the Bible teaches morality. Religion teaches a person to do the right thing, or else. Don’t kill people, or else you’ll go to hell. When we should be teaching our children not to kill because ending a life is not only bad for that person, but because of the hurt that it would cause that person’s family and friends. Don’t cheat on your spouse because they will feel that pain. Teaching children not to do something because of the consequences to themselves, teaches them to think only of themselves. Instead, teach them to be good so that they leave a lasting impact on the world or even just a single individual person. Hopefully causing that person to then do something good for another person.

An Atheist can have morals without God. Atheists are not evil people who are one step away from hurting you and your loved ones.

I, personally, strive to live a good life, to do right by others, because I know the pain of being wronged. I would rather cause joy than sorrow. I would rather love than hurt. I would rather leave a legacy of kindness and compassion than hate and fear of consequences.

Please do not throw an Atheist into the category of a criminal because we don’t believe in God. Instead, be an example to others of your faith and love me the way your role model, Jesus, would love me. I am a fellow human.


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  1. R.E says:

    This is (thankfully!) the mentality of most atheists and I admire your outlook. I would like to give my opinion that many of the Christians that say we need the Bible to be good people, haven’t actually read the Bible. If they did follow the morality provided, it wouldn’t be unethical to keep slaves or kill rebels in front of Jesus.
    Many of the people that claim we need the Bible for morality haven’t read the bible, thankfully, or they wouldn’t be the moral people they claim the Bible inspires.

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    1. RambleMyWay says:

      Agree entirely. Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Yes yes yes!! Great post!


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