I Will Be A Safe Place

This is what’s happening

Since the election results came in, people are in fear of being attacked. They have been attacked. They have been abused and harassed. I am fearful for them and myself. I am disappointed in the people of this country. My eyes were shut. I didn’t realize how many people were just waiting for permission to openly hate. My eyes are open now. I am watching closely. I will stand up for you. You can walk up to me as a perfect stranger and have a friend. We will show these hateful people that their actions will not be tolerated. This country was founded on religious freedom by immigrants.

If you see a person wearing a safety pin, know that they stand with you. Know that you can approach them if you need someone to walk with, if you need someone to sit with, if you are in fear. We will help you in any way that we can.

This is not one of those half assed movements similar to “repost if you agree!” This is a sign that you are safe with them.

You are safe with me. Muslims, women, LGBTQ, black, hispanic… I will be an ally. I will be a friend. We are all in this together.

Love trumps hate.


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