Progress is Progress

Well… so much for Whole30. I have plenty of excuses as to why I didn’t complete it, and some of them are actually solid reasons, but that doesn’t matter. It’s ok though. My eating is under control. All of the meals that I am cooking are Whole30 compliant and will continue to be. I have really stepped up my game on my workouts and it feels great. My body is feeling and looking better everyday. I haven’t stepped on a scale in weeks, and I’m loving it. I do have a tendency to obsess about that number, so it feels really nice not to have the scale staring at me on a daily basis. I am still taking waist measurements about every other day.

I am active about 6 days per week. Here’s my current routine.

Gym: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun.

30 Min Workday Walk Sunday-Thursday.

In the gym: 10-15 min incline walk, 4-5 machines (arms, back, legs), squats.

I have 30 1/2 days until I get on a plane. I am seriously missing my man and can’t wait to wake up next to him again…

In other news. I was inspired by a friend, earlier this week, to do a workout count. 70 by 28. My goal is to do 70 workouts by my 28th birthday (March 10th). One square for each workout. I am not including my Workday Walks. Workouts that will be included are 30 min or more at the gym or walks that are an hour or longer. That way I can include my hikes while I’m in Hawaii. I won’t have a gym to use while I’m there so my hikes will be my workouts. I plan to go on many of them. I am very curious to see what my fitbit stats are like while I’m there.

So I’m 27 years old, and today I tried spaghetti squash for the first time. It was much sweeter than I expected it to be. I had it with ground beef, parmesan cheese, and a bit of salt. Surprisingly fantastic. That sweet and salty flavor was amazing. Looks like I’ll be buying some spaghetti squash in the near future.


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